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Why Choose 1 on 1 Copywriting Course Instruction?

An alternative to traditional online copywriting courses, my 1-1 copywriting instruction means instruction from an experienced mentor in the field. While learning copywriting through self-paced courses is great for more tactile learners,  1-1 copywriting courses offer a more guided approach.

What Will I Learn From This Copywriting Course?

With my 1-1 copywriting courses, you will learn crucial copywriting skills, build a diverse portfolio, and learn how to market yourself as a copywriter.

Learning copywriting through my courses is multi-tiered, and the learning doesn’t stop after your 1-1 sessions. In between sessions, I provide you with customized, in-depth lessons, writing assignments that will be used in your portfolio, and additional tools, all tailored to your goals and experience level.

So, How Does This Work?

I’ll break it down:

My sessions are twelve weeks long, and they are intense. This is not a laidback, easy copywriting course. I make sure that every dollar you spend learning copywriting is completely worth the investment, When your 12-week session is complete, I want you to have learned actual skills that you can immediately put to use. Why? Because I love writing copy. It’s a science, it’s art, it’s marketing psychology and creative thinking. This is what I love to do, and I love sharing this with others.

How your 12-week session will go:

  • We have a 30 minute, 1-1 phone or video call. I give you a thorough rundown of the material we’re going to be going over that week. I answer your questions, I go in-depth with not only what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it. You’ll learn the big picture and the small details.
  • You’ll receive additional materials in the form of videos and written instructions.
  • You will complete 2-3 writing assignments based on the learning objective from that week.
  • Once your assignments are complete, it goes into review, where I provide extensive feedback and editing suggestions.
  • Once the piece has undergone editing, it is given a final check and to ensure it is polished. It is then placed into your portfolio.

At the end of 12 weeks, the result is an extensive, professional portfolio that showcases your learned skills and knowledge of copywriting.

Why are the Sessions 12 Weeks Long? Why not More? Why not Less?

I consider 12 weeks an accelerated copywriting program. When you enter into the job market and begin applying for copywriting jobs or freelance writing gigs, you will be competing with writers who have spent years, even decades, in the field. You want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can. Many people don’t have the time or money to invest in longer copywriting courses; they want to absorb everything they can and start transitioning into a new career as soon as possible. This 12-week copywriting intensive is designed to teach you comprehensive industry knowledge at an accelerated pace so you can launch your career.

Why are Spaces so Limited?

As much as I wish that I could stay awake 24 hours a day and talk copy (and I’m only partly kidding), I make this copywriting intensive course as strenuous for me as it is for my clients! I put a great deal of time into each session, and I want everyone who enrolls to have the best possible experience. For me, it’s quality over quantity. The more customized your copywriting course is, the better, so I only accept 12 new clients per month, on a rolling basis.

Is there a Waiting List?

There is! You can sign up below.

Spaces are filled through March 2021

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